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The Aurus Mobile App — Buy Gold, Silver and Platinum Crypto Tokens Easily

Aurus provides the software, network, and crypto infrastructure

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At Aurus, we provide the software, network, and crypto infrastructure for global precious metals businesses to merge with the future of finance in the form of DeFi and Web3 applications — giving them high-tech products, a huge addressable market, and passive revenue streams to scale their businesses.

In addition to helping enterprises accelerate their growth, Aurus and its partners are also here to empower people worldwide to access the stability and reliability of silver, platinum, and golden tokens. To facilitate access to these tokenized precious metals, we have developed a friendly and secure mobile app so that everyone can easily buy, store and trade these assets from the comfort of their smartphone.

The Aurus Mobile App was just launched in December 2021, and the objective in the following months is to make this product more than just a tool for people to buy, store and transfer precious metals, but to enhance the usability of your assets by enabling you to interact with DeFi applications simply and smoothly. This means you can use your silver, platinum, and gold standard tokens to access different yield opportunities in DeFi, growing your portfolio passively and steadily while stacking grams.

What Is the Aurus Mobile App?

The Aurus Mobile App is a user-friendly cryptocurrency wallet for buying, storing, receiving, and transferring all Aurus tokens on the Ethereum and Polygon networks. The Aurus app also interacts with the Aurus Vault Card, a highly secure cold wallet to store your tokens, keeping your private keys offline. The app is available on both the App Store and Google Play.

Creating a Crypto Wallet

The Aurus app enables you to create a software wallet (or import an existing wallet) in seconds, and it also interacts with the Aurus Vault Card (and Aurus Gold Card V1), which is a highly secure hardware wallet created by Tangem for storing Aurus tokens with any NFC-enabled phone.

The multi-wallet support in the Aurus app is a fantastic feature as it allows you to diversify the storage of your gold-backed crypto tokens and assets in two different wallets while managing everything on one device!

Creating a Backup of Your Crypto Wallet

Creating a backup might be considered one of the main steps in securing your crypto gold tokens and assets. For example, a wallet backup protects your digital tokens against computer or software failure and will help you retrieve your golden tokens after your device was stolen or lost.

If you create a software wallet in the Aurus app, always make sure to create a backup, which means writing down or saving a 24-word Secret Phrase. This secret phrase will enable you to retrieve or recover your wallet and assets. You can choose to create a backup just after you create the wallet or afterward by going to "Settings" and tapping on “Create a Backup.”

A backup of your wallet is necessary to import your wallet in case anything happens to your device or mobile application. It can also be used to recover your wallet after it was deleted or logged out from the app. Always remember to keep your Secret Phrase safe, don't lose it, and never share it with anyone.

Track Your Precious Metals Portfolio in Real-Time

You can track the performance of your portfolio and assets through an interactive chart and key silver, platinum, and golden token statistics in the Aurus app's Wallet section. 

This way, you can see the evolution of your portfolio over time and have visibility of historical transactions, such as purchases, transfers, and deposits. We are now working on adding more features to this section to provide you with useful and accurate information for making fully informed investment decisions.

Transfer Silver, Platinum, and Gold Crypto Tokens at the Speed of Light

In the app's wallet section or the quick-action button (Λ), you can transfer and receive any of your Aurus tokens using the Ethereum or Polygon network. With Ethereum, you will need some ETH on your wallet to pay for the gas fees, which have been quite expensive in the last months, while with Polygon, you will just require a bit of MATIC tokens, with transactions costs ranging between $0.01 to $0.08 per transaction.

Before transferring tokens, always check the Settings to know which network you are using and which network your tokens are running on. For example, if you want to use Ethereum to transfer assets, your tokens must be running on Ethereum, and if you want to use Polygon, your tokens will need to be running on the Polygon network. Again, you can check on which network your tokens are operating by going to Settings and tapping on the network.

Multichain Blockchain Compatibility

By now, the Aurus gold standard tokens are supported by the Ethereum and Polygon networks. This means that you have the option to 1) keep and use your tokens on the base layer (Ethereum), which might entail more expensive transaction costs (approx. $20–$100 p/tx) due to the high congestion of the network, or 2) move your tokens to a sidechain (Polygon), which enables you to use your tokens with lower transaction fees (approx. $0.01 p/tx) and enhanced transaction speed. You can select what network to use on “Settings.”

Multi-Asset Compatibility: Store Gold, Silver and Platinum

Both the software wallet within the Aurus app and the Aurus Vault Card are multi-asset compatible, which means you can store, receive and transfer AurusGOLD (AWG), AurusSILVER (AWS), AurusPlatinum (AWP), and AurusDeFi (AWX), plus ETH (Ethereum) and MATIC (Polygon) in these two wallets.

If you want to store more assets on the Aurus app? Don't worry; we are working to support certain stablecoins and cryptocurrencies from other ecosystems to enhance your experience. This feature will be coming to the app soon.

Buy Precious Metals Fast

In the section "Market" of the Aurus app, you can buy AurusGOLD (AWG) and AurusDeFi (AWX) quickly and easily with your credit card using the CEXDirect tool. In addition, you can also buy AurusGOLD, AurusSILVER, AurusPLATINUM, and AurusDeFi directly from Aurus distributor partners, such as Direct BullionAurica Group, AgaBullion, and CEX.IO.

Purchasing ETH (Ethereum), MATIC (Polygon), and other cryptocurrencies will be possible in the following months using CEXDirect and other fiat-on ramps.

Connect Your Aurus Vault Card

The Aurus Vault Card is a multi-asset compatible hardware wallet that enables you to store AurusGOLD, AurusSILVER, AurusPLATINUM, AurusDeFi, ETH, and MATIC. In addition, the Aurus app can scan your Vault card with almost any NFC-enabled phone. This way, you can verify your balance and extract your assets if you want to move them to another wallet or exchange.

To enhance the security of your Card, you can set up a 4-digit PIN code or overwrite the existing PIN that you established for unlocking the Aurus app (Pro-tip: the PIN code is automatically the same for unlocking the Aurus app and for using the Vault Card).

Please make sure to validate the compatibility of the Aurus Vault Card with your smartphone:

  • iOS: Use iPhone models (from iPhone 7 & up) with iOS 13 or iOS 14.
  • Android: Use Android 5.1+ smartphones with NFC and tag reading support.

What else is coming to the Aurus app?

Access to DeFi Blockchain Protocols

Following our partnership with Quickswap and Moonfarm, we will add these platforms to the Market section in the Aurus app. You can provide liquidity with your tokens across different pools to earn transaction revenue paid in precious metals and other cryptocurrencies. In addition, there will also be yield farming opportunities, where you can lend or stake your Aurus crypto gold tokens to earn interest.

Polygon and Ethereum Blockchain Bridge

An in-app bridging tool to easily bridge your tokens from Ethereum to the Polygon network and vice versa.

Gold Stablecoin Support

To interact with specific DeFi protocols and for you to store more assets, we are going to support certain stablecoins and cryptocurrencies, such as USDC and DAI. These types of cryptocurrencies will be helpful when adding liquidity to certain pools in DeFi, such as AWX-USDC or AWG-USDC (coming soon).

AurusDeFi (AWX) Stake & Claim

AurusDeFi (AWX) is the rewards token that powers the Aurus ecosystem. AWX entitles its holders to claim ecosystem rewards, paid in Gold, Silver, and Platinum tokens. In Q1–2022, the Aurus app will integrate the Stake & Claim mechanism for AWX holders to start accumulating and claiming these ecosystem rewards.

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