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Use your credit card to buy AurusGOLD and AurusDeFi


Create a wallet

Download the Aurus app and follow the instructions to create a wallet.


Copy your wallet address

While in the app, tap on the button “Deposit” and copy the wallet address.


Ready to buy!

Start buying via the wizard on the right. Remember to have your wallet address ready.

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What is CEX Direct?

CEX Direct is a global instant payment gateway for crypto purchases powered by CEX.IO - a well-established regulated cryptocurrency exchange operating since 2013.

What is the commission per purchase?

CEX Direct includes all commissions in the price. The amount you get for your order is final, we have no additional charges. The gateway commission is 5% for transactions made by card. A dynamic network fee is charged on all ETH, and ERC20 token purchases. The fee is based on the blockchain network and depends on the cryptocurrency purchased.

What is the purchase minimum and limit?

At Aurus, CEX Direct has a daily purchase minimum of $200 per day and a limit of 1000 USD/EUR/GBP. We ask clients to complete the Identity Verification stage by providing documents that will enable them to purchase cryptocurrency.