Aurus Mobile App

Owning precious metals is easy with the Aurus Mobile App

Setup your digital wallet in seconds to start buying, storing and transferring Aurus tokens seamlessly. Download it for free.

Create a wallet in seconds to buy, store and trade precious metals tokens
Track the performance of your portfolio in real time
Stake your AurusDeFi (AWX) tokens and claim your rewards

6 reasons

why people download the Aurus Mobile App


All assets within reach

Buy tokens in the App
Once you have set up an account and wallet, you can buy tokens within the App whenever you want.
Store tokens in your wallet
Connect your wallet to the Mobile App and store all your Aurus tokens in the same place.
Trade within the App
Within a few clicks you can trade and receive tokens.
Earn a yield
Stake your tokens and earn a yield on top of your holding.

Receive AWX rewards

As people use the gold, silver and platinum tokens, a proportion of the fees generated by minting, transaction and storage fees are distributed among AWX holders.
These rewards can only be distributed within the Aurus Mobile App.

Low fees and high speed

Trade with higher speed and lower fees with the Aurus Mobile App.
We created a platform that enables trading on chain, which reduces fees for you. Don’t worry about needing ETH to pay for fees. We got you covered.

Set an automatic order to grow your capital

Choose which tokens you want
Choose a monthly date you want us to automatically buy the tokens
Choose the amount you want to buy tokens for each month
Connect your payment details for automatic purchase
Save and store your tokens in your savings program

Track real time progress of your tokens

Access your portfolio and track the progress of your tokens. You can view current price compared to your purchase price, your trading history, and compare token performances.
Connect your wallet easily with the Aurus dashboard on your computer. The dashboard is a desktop extension of the Aurus Mobile App features and allows you to view even more information.

Invest in Aurus tokens. Your journey begins now.


Download the Aurus Mobile App

Create your wallet in seconds and start accumulating precious metals.

Precious metals-backed tokens

Buy, store and trade your tokens anywhere, anytime.

Aurus Vault Card

Enjoy additional features and ensure yourself an extra layer of security with the Aurus Vault Card.

How to maximize your rewards as an AWX holder

Visit the AWX page to discover all the benefits.

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