Vault Card

The most secure and friendly hardware wallet

Store your gold, silver and platinum in a safe, easy-to-use cold storage (offline) hardware wallet for optimal security.



Store your private key offline in cold storage, where it cannot be extracted or cloned.


Safeguard your Aurus tokens, and other cryptocurrencies, including ETH, MATIC, and USDC.


Connect your card to the Aurus App and safely manage your tokens from your mobile device.


The card is energy-independent and does not need wires or batteries.

What is the Vault Card?

The Aurus Vault Card is a highly secure hardware wallet that stores your digital assets offline for optimal security, comparable to the most secure vault in the world. Connect the Vault Card to the Aurus Mobile app to safely store and transfer Aurus tokens, ETH, MATIC, and USDC in seconds.


How to get your Vault Card


Fill the purchase form

Enter all your personal details in the form.


Complete your purchase via Utrust

Once the form is submitted, you will be redirected to Utrust for completing paymentwith crypto.

Make sure you have your personal walletready to pay via Utrust


Aurus will send the Vault Card

We will ship your Vault Card as soon as we receive the payment.


Activate and Claim Rewards

When receiving your Vault Card, download the Aurus app and scan it by following the instructions

Supported cryptocurrencies:

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Buy the Vault Card with Crypto

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Safety is first

Why do people use the Vault Card?


Your assets are secured by a highly technological chip

Store your digital assets in a highly secure hardware wallet
The Vault Card's high-tech chip has an EAL6+ security rating, the highest security certification a digital wallet can receive.
Complete self-custody
The wallet's private key is generated and stored within the card's chip, ensuring complete self-custody of your tokenized gold, silver, platinum, and other digital assets.

Instantly connect your card

Scan your Vault Card with the Aurus Mobile App on an NFC-enabled device to manage, send, and receive digital assets in seconds.
Supported mobile devices: iPhones 7 and up (iOS 13 or 14) and Android 5.1+ (with NFC and tag reading).

Store all your Aurus tokens and other digital assets

Safely store and manage all your Aurus precious metal tokens (tGOLD, tSILVER, tPLATINUM, AurusX) as well as ETH, MATIC, and USDC on both Ethereum and Polygon blockchain networks.
More assets to be supported on the Vault Card very soon!

Pay in precious metals in selected stores globally

Use the Aurus Vault Card to buy goods with platinum, silver, and gold-backed crypto tokens at selected stores with the Aurus PoS terminals (Coming soon!)
Making precious metals as easy as money.

The Vault Card is cross-chain compatible

Your Vault Card supports the Ethereum and Polygon blockchain networks, which means you can store all your assets in your chosen blockchain.


The most secure, easy-to-use, and affordable hardware wallet to protect your digital assets. It's like having the most secure vault in the world in your back pocket.

Advanced technology built by Tangem

Tangem is an ecosystem of extremely safe and user-friendly hardware digital asset wallets. Tangem is well known for its unmatched security: it leverages the Common Criteria EAL6+ chip, the most secure chip on the market.


1) Blockchain

The Vault Card interacts directly with private and public blockchains for flawless transaction validation.

2) Application

Custom mobile application to safely manage and apply digital assets like gold, platinum, and silver-backed crypto tokens to various use cases.

3) Connection

Near-field Communication (NFC) technology enables the Vault Card chip to interact with any NFC-enabled device.

4) Firmware

The chip's firmware creates cryptographic keys interacting with the blockchain for end-to-end verifiability. It operates with proprietary code, audited by Kudelski Security.

5) Chip

The chip's firmware creates cryptographic keys interacting with the blockchain for end-to-end verifiability. It operates with proprietary code, audited by Kudelski Security.


Welcome to Aurus. Your journey begins now.


Download the Aurus Mobile App

Create a wallet and start accumulating crypto backed by gold, silver, and platinum in seconds.


Precious metals tokens

Buy, store, and trade precious metals easily, anytime, anywhere.


Aurus Vault Card

Our Aurus Vault Card hardware wallet acts as one of the most secure vaults in the world, protecting your investment.

Frequently asked questions

What is the Vault Card?


How safe is the Vault Card?


What if I lose my Aurus Vault Card or somebody steals it?


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