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Esteemed traders deposit gold

LBMA approved bullions are deposited into Aurus partnered vaults to be stored securely and used as a basis of value for the AurusGOLD (AWG) .

Tokenized gold

Once a bullion is evaluated and audited, tokens are created that represent its ownership, implicitly giving them real value. For a bullion of 1kg, the smart contract issues 1000 AWG.

Trade real gold, anytime, anywhere.

Now that an asset is in tokenised form, it is as liquid as it can become and thanks to blockchain technology, easy and cheap to trade peer to peer, decentralised.

What makes us special

At Aurus we aim to be a bridge between the traditional gold market and the new, crypto economy. By using blockchain technology we will create a simple yet effective gold backed token accessible to individuals and organizations all over the world to own, trade and use. We achieve this by providing tokenisation-as-a-service on the Ethereum public blockchain to qualified commodity providers who account for an estimated 30% of the bullion gold market.


Fully-allocated, gold backed

The Aurus asset tokenising protocol is used by top European gold traders to tokenise 99.99% LBMA approved, fully audited gold under the AurusGold (AWG) currency.


New way of asset management

From the 16th century onwards, gold has been traded through the same mechanisms. We are using the blockchain to change that for the first time in history. AurusGOLD tokens represent ownership of safely stored and fully audited gold.


Gold as a basis of value

A fully-allocated gold token would represent one of the most stable currencies in the world. Within the “crypto” environment, that means a safe heaven for investors and a good store of value for ICO creators.

The Gold Market

Although it’s very difficult to determine the actual size of today’s gold market, these figures are an estimate that we consider realistic:

Total supply of above-ground gold – 5.7 billion ounces = (approx.) $6.3 trillion

“Gold ranks higher than all European sovereign debt markets, and trails only US Treasuries and Japanese government bonds. Thus, simply based on size…the gold market can provide significant depth and liquidity for large reserve portfolios, as it is only surpassed in size by two sovereign debt markets (US and Japan).” – Liquidity in the Gold Market

Daily trading volumes – Between $67 – $240 billion

The Platform

The Aurus wallet lets people easily buy, store and trade AurusGold tokens or any other tokens created by our platform. Aurus tokens can also be stored in any ERC20 compatible wallet.

Gold traders can integrate APIs that allow them to buy and sell Aurus on their own platforms for BTC, ETH or any FIAT currency.

Merchants can also integrate APIs that allow them to accept gold as a form of payment in exchange for their services.

The Team

The Faces Behind Real Value Currencies

Stefan Gergely

co-founder & CEO

Blockchain evangelist and entrepreneur, Stefan has experience in software startups all around the world in various domains. He spent the past years of his life as a blockchain advisor alongside Under Development Office, helping companies find the best way to use blockchain to innovate within their field. His latest conquer is fin-tech.

Guido van Stijn

Managing Director

Guido is a serial entrepreneur with a track record of successful businesses in the gold and commodities field. He will be at the forefront of the Aurus strategy and its implementation.

Dan Cearnau

co-founder & CTO

Dan’s background is tech and startups. His journey went from tech enthusiast to full stack developer, blockchain expert and now CTO in multiple companies around the world.

Alexi Flanders

co-founder & Community Manager

Experienced Community Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in Data Research, Cryptocurrency, Community Engagement, Community Development, and Mobile Applications. Strong media and communication professional.

Mark Gesterkamp

Business Development Manager

As a senior fixed income trader Mark has broad experience in providing liquidity and matching funding proposals to investors in global markets as well as OTC. He has always been interested in instruments linked to precious metals and embraces new finance propositions in the blockchain space

Simon Owen

In-house Counsel

Simon Owen has almost 30 years of experience as a corporate and commercial lawyer and corporate advisor with particular focus upon developing businesses and capital markets. He has acted as a Chairman and Director, both executive and non-executive, for a number of listed and unlisted public companies.

Gijs Verhagen


With a background in investment banking, Gijs specialises in fintech projects.

Iacob Pastina


Iacob is in charge of the marketing for Aurus. He has a talent for making a strong public image and engaging with people.

The Advisors

The supporters of our vision

Deryck Graham

Advisor, Strategy

Deryck sits on the board of many startups around the world. He’s passionate about the gold industry and is focused on tokenising underground gold.

Stefan Pichler


Being the co-Founder of Auragentum, one of the largest gold trading companies in Europe, Stefan is well versed in everything gold.

Johnny Verkuringen

Gold trader, advisor

Johnny is the founder and acting CEO of European Gold Standard. He has dedicated his life to gold and has vast experience as a trader.

Tobias Scherer


Tobias Scherer, has been active in the precious metal market for more than 15 years. He has worked for various companies and banks in securities and commodities trading and now serves as Managing Director and co-Founder of Auragentum.

Our Roadmap

Our Partners

The supporters of our vision


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