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Tokenize your precious metals with Aurus

Our Ethereum-based tokenization solution helps you to convert the ownership rights of your physical bullion into digital tokens that can be traded globally.

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The future of precious metals is digital

What is bullion tokenization?

Tokenization is the process of digitally representing assets on the blockchain in the form of digital tokens. When tokenizing precious metals, the bullion's ownership rights, and economic value are represented by digital tokens. In the case of Aurus' precious metal tokens, each token represents ownership of 1 gram of the underlying metal.

The benefits of tokenized precious metals

Highly Accesible
1 gram (1 token) is divisible into 18 decimals, allowing people to purchase fractions of a gram
Cheap and fast settlements
1 gram (1 token) is divisible into 18 decimals, allowing people to purchase fractions of a gram
Global Liquidity
Sell tokenized metals to individuals around the world via multiple platforms and channels
Digital Ownership
Transfer ownership of the bullion instantly while all transactions are recorded on the blockchain

Aurus tokenization process

How tokenization works


Select the precious metal and store it in a partnered vault

After completing the due diligence process and signing an agreement between Aurus and your business, you will select the type and quantity of precious metals to be tokenized, and then store the bullion in a partnered vault.

Tokenization of precious metals gets started

Once the bullion is vaulted, the details of the bar(s) and storage are reviewed by the parties, once approved these properties are entered and recorded on the blockchain using the Aurus tokenization solution.

Your precious metal tokens are issued!

The precious metal-backed tokens are issued and deposited in your wallet, now ready to be distributed across multiple distribution channels and platforms.
At Aurus, we support you through the entire tokenization and distribution process.

Now it's time to make your tokens work for you!

After tokenizing, you can sell and trade your tokens across multiple platforms and distribution channels, while earning rewards per transaction

Sell tokens via your website

Add a new digital and innovative product to your offerings, while we help you to sell these tokens in an automated way

Trade on partnered exchanges

Trade your tokens in platforms with thousands of traders from all over the world, accessing deep global liquidity

Provide liquidity with your tokens in DeFi

We help and assist you to trade your tokens in the DeFi space, across DEXs, while you earn a yield for every transaction

Pro tip

Earn rewards paid in tokenized metals!

When tokenizing precious metals with Aurus, you are entitled to receive a passive stream of rewards, paid in tokenized metals.

Every time a physical bar is tokenized and tokens are sent from one wallet to another, modest fees are charged and accumulated in a pool.

50% of the fees in the pool associated with AurusGOLD tokens and 30% of the fees associated to AurusSILVER and AurusPLATINUM are distributed to the Bullion providers that tokenized metals, according to the proportion of metals that they have allocated to the blockchain.

Why tokenize precious metals with Aurus?

Offer new products

Offer your clients new and innovative digital products that enhance the accessibility and usability of precious metals.

Increase your profits

Increase your profits while receiving ongoing rewards paid in tokenized metals, generated from token transaction and tokenization fees.

Access new markets

Access new markets and platforms such as centralized and decentralized exchanges that are global and operate 24/7. We will assist and advise you.

Our tokenization solution is cross-chain

Precious metal tokens are minted on the Ethereum network and are compatible with Polygon sidechain, the most trusted and efficient network for scaling Ethereum transactions.

  • $0.01 - $0.1

    Fees for transferring tokens

  • 2 - 3 seconds

    to complete a token transfer

  • 65,000

    Token transactions per second

Partners that have tokenized with Aurus

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