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AurusDeFi (AWX) Stake & Claim — Launching 1 April 2022

AurusDeFi (AWX) is the Aurus Ecosystem utility token, limited to a total supply

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AurusDeFi (AWX) is the Aurus Ecosystem utility token, limited to a total supply of 30 million units. AWX is an essential component of the decentralized nature and ultimate success of Aurus’ tokenized cryptocurrency backed by gold and silver: AurusGOLD, AurusSILVER, and AurusPLATINUM.

AWX represents a stake in the Aurus Ecosystem, offering investors exclusive benefits. Most notably, by staking AWX tokens in the Aurus App, holders receive a proportional share of ecosystem rewards, which are claimed in Aurus tokenized digital gold currencies.

Earn More Gold-Backed Stablecoins

With the recent launch of the Aurus Mobile App and token interoperability with the Polygon Network, Aurus is nearing closer to the long-anticipated launch of AWX Stake & Claim. After activation, AWX stakers and ecosystem partners will start earning passive tokenized gold-backed crypto rewards.

Development status

  • Smart contracts — complete (100%)
  • Design — in progress (85%)
  • App developments — in progress (70%)

AWX staking Mechanism

In order to start earning tokenized crypto backed by gold, silver, and platinum, users will need to stake a minimum of 100 AWX for an initial period of 90 days. The first staking period will initiate on April 1st, 2022, and will operate on a quarterly (3 months) staking cycle. From hereon, AWX tokens can be staked at any time, with rewards distributed on a quarterly basis.

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$10,000 bonus Crypto Gold Pool for early investors!

In celebration of this milestone, we’ve created a $10,000 bonus pool in gold for early AWX investors! So pre-register your Aurus wallet to stake AWX and earn your bonus share of $10,000 in gold.

About Aurus

Aurus provides the software, network, and crypto infrastructure for global precious metals businesses to merge with the future of finance in the form of DeFi and Web3 applications — giving them high-tech products, a huge addressable market, and passive revenue streams.

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