Precious metals-backed tokens

Access Gold, Silver and Platinum in seconds. It's easy, safe and convenient.

An historical and reliable form of wealth in a modern tokenized way.


What do you want to own?

Tokenized Gold
Tokenized Silver
Tokenized Platinum

4 reasons

why people prefer to invest in gold, silver and platinum-backed tokens


Your investment is reliable and safely stored

100% backed by precious metals
1 token always represents 1-gram of actual gold, silver or platinum.
Stored at different vaults
The gold, silver and platinum assets are spread across multiple audited and insured vaults in Zurich, London, Montreal, Istanbul and Singapore.
LBMA approved
Aurus only works with businesses that meet the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) standards for metals. The LBMA is the global authority on precious metals that ensures quality and reliability of your assets.
Trace your gold
You can swap your tokens for physical products with established precious metals partners.
Mobile App Image
Mobile App Image

Affordable and convenient

Affordable price per gram
Tokenization of assets reduces the premium per gram (per token) through economies of scale.
Globally accessible
Buy and trade anytime from anywhere in the world via the Aurus app, trusted brokers and exchanges.
Trade and transfer any amount
Aurus tokens are ERC-20 tokens, which means that you can buy or trade fractions of a gram at low cost.

Low cost and stable prices

Because Aurus tokens are backed by real precious metals, the market price is extremely stable. If the value of your precious metal rises, the value of your token rises accordingly.
Tokens can be transferred at extremely low cost on the Polygon Network.
Mobile App Image
Mobile App Image

Earn a yield on your precious metals

We created a platform that enables you to stake your tokens. By linking the Aurus Mobile App to DeFi platforms, you can now earn a yield on your precious metals too.
In a world with negative interest rates. Aurus has you covered.

Pro tip

To maximize profit, most investors buy a combination of the AWX reward-sharing token and a basket of precious metals tokens.

AWX holders can claim rewards (paid in precious metals) generated from the trading of gold, silver and platinum tokens
The more people trade Aurus tokens, the more profit your AWX generates
AWX has a limited supply of 30 million tokens and scarcity drives long-term value

Invest in Aurus tokens. Your journey begins now.


Download the Aurus Mobile App

Create your wallet in seconds and start accumulating precious metals

Precious metal backed tokens

Buy, store and trade your tokens anywhere, anytime.

Vault Card

Enjoy additional features and ensure yourself an extra layer of security with the Aurus Vault Card.

Your investment is 1:1 backed and safely stored

Aurus tokens are backed by precious metals sourced from LBMA, DMCC and LPPM accredited refineries. Your assets are safely stored in partnered vaults located in Montreal, London, Zurich, Istanbul and Singapore. View the audit reports to see where your gold, silver or platinum is stored.

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