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Aurus Acquires Crypto Trading License and Establishes HQ in Dubai Continuing Its Global Expansion

Aurus launches HQ in Dubai DMCC Crypto Center & acquires crypto trading license

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Aurus, the decentralized precious metals tokenization platform launches its new headquarters in Dubai’s DMCC Crypto Center, introduces its new Board of Directors, and acquires a cryptocurrency trading license. Aurus’ open-ended blockchain ecosystem enables the tokenization of gold, silver, and platinum in a decentralized and sustainable manner on the blockchain.

Aurus Markets DMCC, as the headquarters of Aurus in the MENA (Middle-East & North Africa) and SEA (South East Asia) regions, will focus on the onboarding of local and regional partners (crypto-exchanges, bullion refineries and brokers), as well as the expansion of Aurus precious metal-backed tokens to the global retail market.

The Aurus team welcomes Aurus Markets DMCC Director Jeremy Hussey and three Non-Executive Advisors: Kashan Rafique, Dale Vine, and Eric Fore.

“It is a privilege to be a member of the DMCC, the world’s leading free zone, and a key global commodities hub. Dubai is at the forefront of fintech innovation in blockchain technologies and we are grateful for the support provided by the Dubai Government and the DMCC to this sector. We look forward to connecting participants of the traditional precious metal markets and new users with innovative and leading technologies.” – Jeremy Hussey, Director of Aurus Markets DMCC

“The swiftness of the regulatory acceptance and adoption of digital assets resonates with the vision of Aurus while scaling globally. Aligned with current moves in the precious metals and crypto markets, the opening of a new regional headquarters in Dubai is the next logical step.” – Guido van Stijn, CEO at Aurus

“We saw immediately that Aurus’ Founders understand the challenges and limitations of the traditional, physical metals markets and the opportunity to fundamentally change the industry by applying blockchain technology to it. Digitizing precious metals and being able to generate a yield from that process, creates so many efficiencies and passive investment income that do not exist today. We are incredibly pleased to advise and represent this company, and we look forward to the exciting times ahead of us.” – Eric Fiore (on behalf of Advisors), Non-Executive Advisors at Aurus Markets DMCC

Aurus Markets DMCC Board of Directors

  • Jeremy Hussey - Director / Regional Head
  • Guido van Stijn - Director & Global CEO 
  • Mark Gesterkamp - Director & Global CBDO 
  • Kashan Rafique - Non-Executive Advisor
  • Dale Vine - Non-Executive Advisor
  • Eric Fore - Non-Executive Advisor

Aurus Dubai office address: 

DMCC Crypto Center, Cluster O, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

About Aurus

Aurus is the decentralized blockchain infrastructure empowering gold, silver, and platinum-pegged digital assets, creating a more inclusive and efficient precious metals market. The Aurus Ecosystem is a highly scalable, autonomous network of precious metals businesses that independently mint and distribute gold, silver, and platinum-backed tokens globally. Aurus tokens are highly liquid, transferable, and easy to store, making precious metals ownership extremely accessible and convenient.

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