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Aurus To Modernize the Cross-Border Payment Market With Gold-Backed Crypto

The need for cross-border payments are becoming increasingly more important

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The need for cross-border payments is becoming increasingly more important as the world is rapidly globalizing and digital gold currencies are growing. The cross-border payment market has grown to be a US $22 trillion market, fueled by increasing international commerce, migration, and changing economic trends.

Today’s modern societies expect cross-border payments which are frictionless, secure, transparent, cost-effective, and fast. Unfortunately, financial technologies have been unable to keep up with these growing demands and expectations.

Current Issues With Cross-Border Payments

Presently, cross-border payments remain largely dominated (95%) by traditional banking systems (SWIFT), characterized by delays and lack of transparency. Moreover, these payment systems are outdated and inefficient, making the international payment process expensive, laborious, and time-consuming.

This problem resonates the most with people in emerging markets where banking systems have had difficulty establishing a meaningful presence. These limitations have caused many locals to gravitate towards third-party payment alternatives such as Western Union and Transferwise, which have become essential entities within these economies despite their similar flaws.

In response to this untapped demand, many new fintech innovations aim to improve this clunky yet vital service. Blockchain technology has become the catalyst of this movement, presenting new and more efficient for conducting borderless payments.

Contactless Payments With Crypto Backed by Gold

Aurus is proud to be part of the financial globalization movement, seeking to eliminate the traditional inefficiencies of cross-border payments by establishing a globally viable payment infrastructure.

By creating a cryptocurrency backed by gold on the Ethereum blockchain Aurus has made a gold stablecoin called AurusGOLD (AWG). AurusGOLD is a digital representation of gold, inheriting its value through collateralization, where every AurusGOLD token is backed by 1 gram of gold.

AurusGOLD transactions are stable, secure, transparent, cost-effective, fast, and most importantly, not restricted by borders. As a result, the Aurus payment platform enables cross-border transactions to be seamless in the everyday lives of consumers and businesses that were once limited to expensive, laborious, and time-consuming cross-border payments.

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