Tokenization solution

Tokenizing precious metals

Mint and distribute your own precious metals-backed tokens to access new markets and earn ongoing rewards.

Offer your clients new digital products that enhance the accessibility and usability of precious metals.
Increase your profits by receiving ongoing rewards from the tokens fees.
Access new markets such as centralized and decentralized exchanges that are global and operate 24/7

How it works

Learn how the platform works and learn about the benefits of joining the ecosystem.


Allocate and store in vault

An agreement is signed between the provider of precious metals and Aurus.
The provider selects the type and amount of precious metals to be tokenized and stores the bullion in a partnered vault.

Tokenization starts

Once the bullion is vaulted, the details of the bar(s) and storage are entered and recorded on the blockchain using the Aurus platform.

Tokens are issued

The precious metals-backed tokens are issued and deposited in the provider’s wallet, now ready to be distributed to the masses.
Once we’re done tokenizing, you’re ready to go!

Access new markets and earn passive rewards

Now your precious metals-backed tokens can be traded across different markets and platforms. Besides, your customers get access to new digital products and services to store their wealth.

Access the Aurus platform and earn an ongoing and passive rewards stream.
Instantly access new distribution channels via settlement layers, gateways and exchanges.
Access deep global liquidity.

Pro tip

Providers that mint tokens also buy the reward-sharing AWX token. This way you maximize profits.

AWX holders can claim rewards (paid in precious metals) generated from the trading of gold, silver and platinum tokens.
The more people trade Aurus tokens, the more profit your AWX generates.
AWX has a limited supply of 30 million tokens and scarcity drives long-term value.
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