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Join Aurus as an Investor

Investors are welcome to join Aurus by purchasing AurusCOIN (AWX), our revenue-sharing token. AWX has a limited supply of 30,000,000 units and entitles its holders to a share of the ecosystem’s revenues.

Aurus generates revenues via AurusGOLD (AWG), the ecosystem’s gold-backed token. The company charges modest fees for transactions and storage of AWG. As people around the world trade AWG, 70% of all the generated fees are proportionally distributed across all AWX holders, paid in AurusGOLD (AWG).

You can request AWX using the form located here: AWX Request form and we will guide you through the process.

Or purchase AurusCOIN (AWX) tokens directly from our partner exchanges.

Buy AWX from a Registered Broker

Aurus AWX sales via a registered broker. DigitalRFQ has been appointed to manage onboarding of investors, while Koine and Signature Bank will take care of the custody of funds and fiat settlement.

  • First round: 1,000,000 AurusCOIN (AWX)
  • Token price: $2.50
  • Only sold via registered financial institutions
  • Insured custody

In partnership with:

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Atomic Swap

Investors that already own AWG and are looking to buy less than 5.000 AWX tokens can use the ‘Atomic Swap’ tool from their wallet. The ‘Atomic Swap’ platform allows them to convert AurusGold(AWG) into AurusCoin(AWX).

In case more AWG is needed, it can be bought through our partners.

For any questions about AWX, request a callback here.

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Efficiency section icon The most efficient way to distribute revenue on a blockchain

We’ve assisted the development of a revenue or dividend distribution on a blockchain that is highly gas efficient all while keeping the numbers completely fair.