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How To Connect Your Aurus Vault Card to the Aurus App

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to link your Aurus Vault card with the Aurus App. Link your card.jpgStep 1: Navigate to your wallet from the home-screen, and then select ‘Card.’Link your card (2).jpgStep 2: The Aurus App utilises a smart NFC chip system to recognise the Vault card. Once you click ‘Start scan,' you must simply scan the Vault card on the back of your mobile device. 

Note: If you use an Android device, please make sure to enable your NFC chip settings via your phone settings.  Link your card (3).jpgStep 3: Once the card is scanned successfully, the App will request you to enter the PIN that you created when installing the Aurus App.  Link your card (4).jpgStep 4: Now your card is successfully linked with the App ✅ 
You can now send, receive or buy tokens directly from & into your Vault card wallet.  


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