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How To Buy Tokens With Credit Card via Wert

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Today we will be explaining on how to buy tGOLD (since this process is the same for tSILVER) and AurusX

Step 1: Open your Aurus app and go to the section ‘market’, you now will have to select the asset you want to buy. In the cases shown below are tGOLD and AurusX. [T5] - How To Buy tokens via Wert (1).jpg[T5] - How To Buy tokens via Wert (2).jpgStep 2: After these steps you will be directed to a screen where it will give you some options on where you would like to buy. Only with tGOLD or tSILVER this is a possibility as you will see the PM tokens on the left side and the only option for AurusX on the right side.[T5] - How To Buy tokens via Wert (3).jpg Step 3: If you have selected your favorite option you will need to put the amount you want to buy for, or the number of tokens you want to buy. 

Step 4: You will need to select where you want to receive your assets. Or in your Aurus Wallet, or in another wallet.[T5] - How To Buy tokens via Wert (5).jpg[T5] - How To Buy tokens via Wert (4).jpgStep 5: If you select ‘next’ you will be redirected to the Wert website, here you will need to pay and after a successful payment, Wert will transfer your assets after the purchase is completed.

After following all these steps you should be able to buy Tokens in the app.

Good luck!!


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