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New Trading Pools: Enhanced Liquidity, More Opportunities

It's here! Understand the advantages of your new swapping infrastructure.

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New Trading Pools: Enhanced Liquidity, More Opportunities

Enhancing liquidity within our trading pools has been a top priority. Today, we're happy to announce the launch of our new pools, made possible through our strategic partnership with Xave Finance and Balancer. This collaboration signifies a major milestone for Aurus and our community members, starting a new era of opportunities for traders. The new trading pools are as follows:

Pools on 1inch:

Note: Balancer v2 = Xave on 1inch.
Note 2: These pools will be paired with USDC (native) and no longer USDC.e.

3-Asset-Pool (direct on Balancer): 

Xave: The Infrastructure Provider Behind Our New Pools

Xave Finance's FXPools offer a blend of technological innovation and market-savvy features designed to enhance the decentralized finance (DeFi) FX trading experience. With real-world exchange rates, adaptive fee structures, and managed price slippage, Xave sets a new standard for fairness and transparency in the DeFi landscape.

8 Key Benefits of The New Pools

Here's a simplified breakdown of the benefits of our new pools, and why implementing the Xave Finance and Balancer infrastructure represents a strategic shift in DeFi trading and liquidity provision:

1. Improved Pricing Accuracy:  Our partnership ensures that trading pools accurately reflect spot market prices, reducing discrepancies and improving overall trading efficiency. Trades within a specific region enjoy FX rates that mirror the real-world pricing of Gold and Silver, courtesy of Chainlink oracles.

For a better overview of FX  Pools, access docs.xave.co.

2. Adaptive Fee Structure: Depending on where trades fall within the pool's structure, fees can be fixed or dynamic, promoting a balanced liquidity environment and rewarding behaviors that contribute to pool stability.

3. Managed Price Slippage: Innovative bonding curves help control price movements, preventing drastic changes that could destabilize the pool, and encouraging trades that help maintain equilibrium.

4. Opportunities for Arbitrage: We created an additional trading pool (TXAU : TXAG : wETH), which,  paired with a highly liquid asset like wETH, promotes volatility and encourages arbitrage trading, further enhancing market efficiency.

5. Pool Safety Nets: Strategic parameters prevent the pool from being depleted, ensuring its sustainability and resilience against market volatility.

6. Efficient Liquidity Use: Xave's unique FX Invariant allows for accurate FX trading with less capital, compared to traditional AMMs, making it a more capital-efficient option.

7. Customizable Trading Parameters: The platform offers tailored settings for each currency pair, optimizing trades for minimal slippage and enhanced efficiency.

8. Liquidity Provider Incentives: Liquidity providers benefit from additional incentives not just in Xave ($XAV) and Balancer ($BAL) tokens, but also from RWA partner tokens, enhancing the rewards for participation.

Conclusion: Fairness and Efficiency.

Aurus is unveiling our new pools in collaboration with Xave Finance and Balancer. These pools, characterized by enhanced liquidity, improved pricing accuracy, and innovative features, signify a paradigm shift in trading dynamics. With real-world exchange rates, adaptive fee structures, and arbitrage opportunities, we are enhancing fairness and efficiency — join us as we collaborate on shaping a Web3 characterized by it.

Warm regards,
Aurus Team

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