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Shining Bright: Aurus Updates and Future Outlook

Where do we stand and where are headed? Special blog post by Aurus' Director, Jon Boyd.

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Shining Bright: Aurus Updates and Future Outlook

Dear Aurus Community,

I trust this message finds you in good spirits. It's been an eventful month at Aurus, and I'm delighted to share with you the latest developments, insights into our past, and a glimpse into our promising future.

Building a Strong and Resilient Ecosystem from Day One

In times of global uncertainty and within a volatile financial environment, our trajectory at Aurus stands as a testament to our commitment to constructing a sturdy foundation for our ecosystem. Right from the inception, we recognized the crucial significance of regulatory alignment. Our proactive approach to regulation has not only fortified our compliance but also positioned us as a beacon of trust and security within our industry.

Reflecting on our trajectory, it's important to spotlight the pivotal milestones that have propelled our success. Our partnership with a 100-year-old LBMA-certified refinery in Spain underscores our commitment to quality and authenticity. This collaboration not only reinforces our dedication to the integrity of our tokens but also fosters trust. Furthermore, all rewards are now shared with staked AX token holders, fostering a sense of community and inclusivity.

Our user-friendly Aurus mobile app was created with a clear mission: to make buying, selling, storing, and earning with Gold, Silver, and Platinum accessible and hassle-free for both beginners and advanced users. This user-centric interface empowers our community to maximize the potential of precious metals with ease.

To enhance accessibility, we've introduced fiat and crypto payment gateways, broadening the horizons for our users and making transactions within the Aurus ecosystem even more convenient.

Our journey is also punctuated by significant milestones in trading. We've successfully secured exchange listings and liquidity pools, empowering our users to trade tokens seamlessly. This development opens up new avenues for our community members to actively engage with precious metals and cryptocurrencies.

Moreover, our philosophy of collaboration, rather than competition, with existing businesses in the precious metals market has enabled us to establish a network of partnerships that enriches all stakeholders. This collaborative spirit remains integral to our core strategy.

In essence, our commitment to collaboration, compliance, and innovation has not only forged a solid foundation for Aurus but has also paved the way for exciting developments on the horizon.

A Bright Future for Tokenized Gold

As we look ahead, it's crucial to recognize the value that tokenized gold, represented by tGOLD, brings to the table. It addresses critical issues faced by many, including rampant inflation, weakened currencies, and limited access to stable assets.

With tGOLD, you have the security of real gold safely stored in a vault, while its value is owned by you, represented by a gold token in your mobile wallet. Now, the value of this gold can move faster, and you have the opportunity to invest it to earn even more gold.

Our team is actively exploring new utilities for tGOLD, particularly in the gaming industry. Imagine real gold integrated into your favorite games, and the power of tGOLD backing in-game assets like swords, armor, and other NFTs. These innovations open up a world of possibilities for the liquidity of these in-game assets and for gold's utility.

It's worth noting that all revenue generated from transaction fees, whenever tGOLD moves on-chain, is shared with AX token holders, with up to a 50% revenue share. This highlights the significance of AX within our ecosystem.

As we navigate the path forward, the potential is immense. Just think that only a tiny fraction of the total real-world assets like Gold have been tokenized and exist on a blockchain today. It's inevitable that this sector will grow significantly in the coming months and years.

We remain steadfast in our mission to provide valuable solutions, create opportunities, and bring the benefits of precious metals to the world.

What We're Working on and Some Important Updates

Gold is Holding Strong: The stability and intrinsic value of Real World Assets (RWAs) like Gold have been a cornerstone of our success. In a world where market fluctuations can be nerve-wracking, tGOLD stands as a reliable and resilient investment. We have not even discussed the long-term potential of Silver and Platinum yet, in ESG, renewable energy, technology, and industrial usage. But let’s save that for another blog post.

Reimagining Our Broker Partnerships: We believe that these relationships can be improved by working with brokers who have larger networks and IT departments, and who can be proactive sellers as well as independent problem solvers. This will not only enhance our reach but also provide a more streamlined experience for our users.

Boosting Liquidity with Collaborative Efforts: Liquidity is the lifeblood of any trading ecosystem, and we are currently negotiating with our partners to add liquidity to the pools. It's a joint effort that will benefit everyone involved.

With that said, we’re excited to announce that we've recently signed a liquidity deal with a new partner, providing liquidity for our tGOLD, tSILVER, and tPLATINUM pools on Uniswap. This is just the beginning; we're actively seeking more partnerships of this nature to increase overall liquidity for our precious metal tokens. This boost in liquidity will facilitate more active trading and sales of precious metals.

Accelerating Growth with Incubator Programs: Aurus has been accepted into an accelerator program with TDefi & DMCC (Dubai). This program provides us with mentorship and an opportunity to pitch to a group of capital partners in October, which will undoubtedly bring more attention, growth, and capital to our project.

Additionally, we have applied to another top incubator program run by an established team of VCs based in Dubai, who have a very large portfolio of Web3 Games. The idea is to complement and add value to the numerous games in their portfolio, by piloting tGOLD as incentives for Gamers. Incentivizing and retaining them with real-world value in the form of tGOLD, rather than with unstable, speculative utility tokens. We are also piloting the "backing of NFTs" with tGOLD too, to add more utility & value to these assets and to establish an actual floor price (not speculative only).

Partnerships That Pave the Way: We have several exciting partnerships in the pipeline that hold immense promise. These include:

  • 1. Real-World Asset-Focused Lending & Borrowing Platform: This pilot project allows tGOLD holders to take loans in USDC or USDT against their tGOLD tokens, immediately increasing the utility of tGOLD.
  • 2. Cross-Chain Lending Protocol: A partnership aimed at revolutionizing lending by allowing users to borrow against a wide range of assets, including NFTs, crypto, and Real-World Assets. We will be their exclusive tokenization and custody partner for RWAs.
  • 3. A new layer 1 Development, Launchpad & Advisory Team: This partnership will launch tGOLD initially on MultiversX and later incorporate its utility and value into their NFT and Gaming projects within their ecosystem too.

We are in discussions with several other projects regarding Real World Assets and exclusive partnerships, and more details and announcements will follow in due course.

Looking Ahead with Optimism

With the right strategy and momentum, we believe there's significant upside potential for projects that can harness the vast possibilities of tokenized RWAs. Although the markets, both traditional and crypto, continue to face challenges, we see a great opportunity for those who have been watching from the sidelines to join us now. Our slow but steady approach is designed to navigate these uncertainties while capitalizing on the positive developments ahead.

In conclusion, we are committed to constant growth, innovation, and, most importantly, providing value to our community. We believe that the future holds immense potential, and we're here to seize it.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. We look forward to sharing more positive updates with you in the coming months. Stay tuned, and let's continue to shine together!

Warm regards,

Jonathan Boyd
Director, Aurus

About The Author: Jonathan has a long track record in financial markets, previously advising HNWIs and hedge funds. Specializing in offshore portfolio investment structuring. He spearheads the growth of Aurus with a focus on strategic partnerships in DeFi and institutional markets.

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