21.06.2024Read Time: 1 minute

Aurus App Update: Streamlined Rewards, USDC.e Support, and Design Refresh

Discover the latest Aurus app update: Automated rewards, now including Platinum, streamlined USDC support, and additional enhancements await!

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New App Update: Improved Swaps & Understanding USDC on Polygon

Hi Aurus Community,

We're excited to announce a new app update that addresses the issues with token swaps! We appreciate your patience while we worked on this important fix, and we're happy to get things back on track.

What Happened with Swaps?

Recently, some users reported facing issues with swaps. We have identified and fixed the bugs affecting the swap approvals. With our latest update, you can now swap tokens successfully.

Important Information: USDC Support Within The Aurus App

Back in November 2023, Circle, the official issuer of USDC, launched its native USDC directly on Polygon. As you may know, USDC is now the standard token pegging the US dollar. This is why most exchanges, fiat on-ramps, and other crypto platforms only allow purchases of this latest USDC version.

However, as with many other crypto wallets, the Aurus app currently supports the older version: USDC.e, which is bridged USDC from Ethereum. If you recently deposited USDC on the Aurus app from an exchange or other platform, you might not see your funds reflected because they are likely the new, native USDC version.

Don't worry, your funds are safe! We understand this can be a big inconvenience, but rest assured your fiat-backed tokens are not lost, they are just not visible in the app — for now! We're actively working on adding support for the standard USDC issued by Circle) on Polygon in the next app update.

Here's a quick breakdown:

  • Bridged USDC.e (from Ethereum): This is the older version of USDC currently supported by the Aurus app (represented by USDC.e acronym).
  • USDC.e Token Address: 0x2791bca1f2de4661ed88a30c99a7a9449aa84174
  • Native USDC (issued by Circle): This is the official, new version of USDC directly issued on Polygon (represented by the USDC symbol and acronym). This is the version you can now purchase on most exchanges and platforms.
  • USDC Token Address: 0x3c499c542cef5e3811e1192ce70d8cc03d5c3359

Thank You & Looking Ahead

We're constantly working to improve our products and services and we're committed to bringing you the latest features. We expect to have support for the official USDC (issued by Circle) on Polygon in the next app update. In the meantime, enjoy the latest update with fully functional swaps.

Francisco Leyton
Director of Product

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