Spot Gold/Oz $
AWG: $
Gold vaulted: gr.
Daily volume: $

The AurusGOLD Card

The AurusGOLD card is a super secure cold wallet that allows you to safely store, accumulate and transfer AurusGOLD (AWG). The card links to the Aurus mobile App, enabling you to own and exchange digital gold so quickly and securely that it will be easier than using money.

Please make sure to validate the compatibility of the Card with your smartphone:

  • Android: Use Android 5.1+ smartphones with NFC and tag reading support.
  • iOS: Use iPhone models (from iPhone 7 & up) with iOS 13 or iOS 14.
Card and App

A microvault with top tier security

The AurusGOLD Card is more than a durable and sleek plastic card, it’s pure technology. The card is equipped with an ultra-secure chip that is tailor-made to protect digital assets. You won’t lose sleep over phishing attacks because your private key is generated and stored within the chip itself, so no one can extract it or clone it.

Maintaining self-custody

The cards are issued and powered by Tangem, whose technology is audited by the Kudelski Group. After the audit, the chip firmware simply cannot be modified, and you will be able to verify the intactness of your card in our App. The App and the NFC communication protocol are open source, meaning that you will have complete control and self-custody of your assets.

Tangem Chip

Your card, your gold

There’s just one thing that an Aurus cardholder always needs to do in order to keep their funds safe: keep custody of it. “Your keys, your crypto.” This is a sacred phrase that you will hear often.