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Why You Should Invest in Silver Crypto Coins

AurusSILVER represents traditional silver markets on the blockchain

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Silver – it's the name of the illustrious and beautiful white metal that has delighted and awed millions for generations. Yet, today, it is considered by some as a poor man's gold. This popular yet untrue classification has resulted in the undervaluing of one of the most valuable metals known to man

Objectively, silver should not play second fiddle to gold, with each being different metal in its rights. Silver is reputable for its ornamental use. Silver coins were used as money alongside gold due to their intrinsic value as a rare and valuable precious metal. Some central banks also have ample reserves to hedge against inflation, and others use it as an affordable safety net against rapidly declining government-controlled fiat currencies. 

Silver has far more industrial applications than gold, with conservative estimates identifying over 10,000 uses of silver in a wide range of industries from medicine to consumer products due to its antimicrobial, reflective, thermal, and electrical features. One thing is sure: silver will continue to be an investment of choice until the end of time, including its silver-backed cryptocurrency token form.

Historical Barriers To Investing In Silver

But investing in silver hasn't always been straightforward. For one thing, it's typically (70%) mined as a by-product of copper, lead, and zinc, and the production of these elements directly impacts silver prices. 

Many miners find mining silver as a standalone unprofitable because while overhead mining costs are similar to gold, the disparity in selling price is enormous. 

Decades of price manipulations by the government and banks have impacted the price of silver. It remains a perpetually volatile commodity, which prompts many to ask how much silver will even be worth if the dollar collapses.

Transportation and storage logistics are also massive sticking points, considering silver is bulkier than gold and takes up more space than the gold of the same dollar value. 

Its quicker susceptibility to the elements means professional storage services, which attract costlier fees, are necessary. Even if affordable, there's no guarantee that all of its value can be extracted by just storing it away. Its value plummets without the ease of transfer, liquidation, and tradability in smaller chunks. Add all these to the accompanying taxation issues, and investing in silver is starting to look like a tall order for the average investor. 

Attempts to simplify silver investment through ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds), silver futures contracts, silver mining stocks, and similar inventions have proven to be band-aid solutions because they are not equivalent to actual ownership of the silver with other niggling issues, including poor liquidity, tracking error, and counterparty risk. Thankfully, with the invention of silver crypto tokens, everyday people can now buy a silver stablecoin and invest in the silver market without any of the downsides mentioned above. 

New Ways To Invest In Silver: Silver-Backed Cryptocurrency

There's an easier way to invest in silver now. With the success of AurusGOLD, Aurus has introduced a silver crypto coin, AurusSILVER

Tokenization refers to a process of converting physical assets into cryptocurrency, which is based on a revolutionary technology called the blockchain. It records transactions in a digital, permanent, secure, and transparent way. 

AurusSILVER has represented traditional silver markets on the blockchain, allowing anyone anywhere to spend, own, transfer, and trade digital silver conveniently and effectively as a digital asset without incurring costs due to tax, intermediaries, storage, and security, thus unlocking the actual value of silver. 

Aurus's silver stablecoins are backed by physical silver and represent 100% ownership of silver stored in audited vaults worldwide. Anyone can redeem their silver crypto coins for physical silver authenticated by London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), a leading authority in the precious metal industry. 

There are more benefits. Unlike the traditional silver market, AurusSILVER (AWS) supports fractional buying of silver and offers unprecedented liquidity. In addition, there are no restrictions on how little or much quantities can be acquired.  

Finding Stability In A Volatile Market WIth Silver Stablecoins

The time is right to buy digital silver. There is a growing appetite for digital assets, an observation supported by the exponential growth of the cryptocurrency market, now valued at over 2 trillion dollars. But the market remains famous for its volatility. 

Aurus' crypto backed by silver token will help stem the tide of high volatility in the crypto market as a valuable stablecoin for crypto investors and traders to hold profits in commodity-backed assets whose valuation can increase without risk of depreciation or reduction in purchasing power as in the case of fiat-backed stablecoins. 

AurusSILVER has the unique distinction of being the first silver-backed cryptocurrency token tradable on exchanges. The existence of AurusGOLD and AurusSILVER creates a perfect opportunity for arbitrage for gold and silver commodities. In addition, our crypto silver coins will soon allow investors to stake their holdings to earn interest.  

Further incentives provided by the Aurus company include its AurusDeFi (AWX) tokens, set to launch on August 1, 2021, and will distribute Aurus revenues (generated through minting, storage, and transaction fees) amongst its 30 million token holders.

All is set as Aurus takes its place as a crypto/precious metal industry juggernaut with its vision of unlocking the true potential of assets through tokenization on the blockchain. Investing in silver is looking attractive again, thanks to Aurus. 

Our silver coin crypto token can be acquired from various established precious metals dealers and exchanges, including Aurica and CEX.IO, and other Aurus distributors partners

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