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Buy Gold, Silver and Platinum in Seconds With Wert Crypto Payment Solution – Aurus

Aurus has partnered with Wert, integrating its payments solution to enable seamless purchases of its precious metal-backed crypto tokens with credit cards.

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We are pleased to announce Aurus has partnered with Wert, integrating its crypto payment solution, enabling users to easily purchase precious metal-backed tokens with a credit card. 

Aurus empowers established businesses to tokenize physical precious metals on the blockchain. Aurus tokens tGOLD, tSILVER, and tPLATINUM are 1:1 backed by 1 gram of gram gold, silver and platinum respectively. The AurusX token accrues rewards from ecosystem fees.

Now with Wert, users can buy tGOLDtSILVER, tPLATINUM and AurusX tokens in seconds via the Aurus website and Mobile AppThe KYC verification is done within the payment module, simplifying the payment process.

The Estonian company Wert is a licensed virtual currency provider and is regulated by relevant authorities in Estonia and USA. Wert’s payment module facilitates user acquisition by unifying compliance, payments and blockchain in order to simplify the purchasing of crypto assets.

Having recently raised $5 million in an all-equity seed round, Wert has been further developing its payment solution to accommodate not just NFT market, but also DeFi. Being a regulated payment company Wert is building a unique experience that connects centralized and decentralized worlds.

“Wert is by far the most robust crypto asset payment solution, which aligns with the decentralized nature of the Aurus ecosystem. Wert’s intuitive check-out interface makes it possible for users to purchase tokenized precious metals within seconds, with users only having to complete the KYC process once.” – Francisco Leyton Director of Product of Aurus

“With Aurus we’ve managed to build a solution which enables consumers to purchase any token without listing that token on a CEX, which is an expensive and troublesome process.” – George Basiladze, co-founder and CEO of Wert.

Buy tGOLD, tSILVER and AurusX in 3 quick steps: https://aurus.io/easy-buy

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