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Aurus in the Press

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Gold-Backed DeFi: Tokenized Precious Metals Launching On Elrond Via Aurus

We are happy to announce that we have started working with Aurus, a UK fintech firm that facilitates the tokenization of precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum using blockchain technology. Through our collaboration, the firm’s tokens AWG, AWS, and AWP, each backed by 1 gram of pure gold, silver, and platinum, respectively, will […]

DeFi Meets Precious Metals: Introducing Aurus

What is amazing about the decentralized finances (DeFi) scene is that these systems are offering their enthusiasts plenty of sophisticated unexplored economic scenarios unseen in the traditional finance space.  At least, the most common DeFi operations (lending/borrowing, “yield farming,” stablecoin minting, etc.) demonstrate unmatched speed and cost-efficiency compared to their traditional analogues. As such, which […]

Why You Should Invest in (Digital) Silver

Silver – it’s the name of the illustrious and beautiful white metal that has delighted and awed millions for generations. Today, it is considered by some as a poor man’s gold, a popular yet untrue classification that has resulted in the undervaluing of one of the most useful metals known to man. Objectively, silver should […]

A Steady Way To Earn Passively With Your Crypto

What this story is about: Memecoins Bubble Memecoins’ returns The Next Bandwagon of Real Returns from Real Assets Understanding how AurusDeFi delivers real returns for traders  The Memecoins Bubble Since Elon Musk took to actively posting tweets about Dogecoin in April 2021, the coin that started out as a fun project, reached an ATH of […]

Gold-backed digital tokens to hit Turkish market following new partnership

The partnership enables investors to purchase grams of accredited gold as ERC-20 tokens. Gold wholesalers are starting to find new ways to expand their businesses to retail, thanks to blockchain-based tokenization. International bullion trading company AgaBullion and United Kingdom-based fintech Aurus Technologies have signed a partnership to offer gold-backed tokens in the Turkish market. The […]

Gold Conglomerate AgaBullion Partners with Aurus Technologies to Offer Blockchain-Based Digital Gold in Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey — AgaBullion, an international bullion trading company and one of the most trusted brands in the precious metals market, has signed a partnership agreement with UK-based fintech Aurus Technologies to start offering gold-backed tokens in the Turkish market. AgaBullion serves a wide range of private clients from different industrial sectors offering them full […]

Crypto Crash Throws Gold-Backed Stablecoins Into the Limelight

The bitcoin crash of the last few days threw the entire crypto into a frenzy as many in a bid to cut losses sold all their crypto assets in a panic and others gnash their teeth online due to unquantifiable losses. A report by Bybt reveals that on May 19 there was over $8.6 billion worth of […]

Silver Arrives to DeFi – Direct Bullion Lists AurusSILVER On Two Decentralised Exchanges

London, May 19, 2021 — Direct Bullion, UK’s leading precious metals dealer lists AurusSILVER on Uniswap and Quickswap, becoming the first silver-backed token to be trading on decentralised finance (DeFi) platforms. Established in 2014, Direct Bullion is a leading UK and international precious metals that specializes in the supply of gold and silver bars and […]

Gold, Silver and Platinum – Now Accessible in Latin America thanks to Blockchain Technology

Cardiff, April 27, 2021 – Chilean precious metals broker Aurica becomes the first company in Latin America to be offering gold, silver and platinum-backed digital tokens Aurica Metales, the leading precious metals broker in Chile, has officially launched AurusPLATINUM (AWP), a blockchain-based digital token that is 100% backed by physical platinum. With the release of […]

The way of the stablecoin: A journey toward stability, trust and decentralization

Stablecoins backed by fiat and other assets are increasingly gaining popularity, with many more solutions being brought onto the market each year. Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies have opened the doors to a whole new world of finance. In their most basic form, cryptocurrencies allow people to transact in a fully trustless, transparent and efficient […]

Why You Should Invest in (Digital) Gold

Throughout history, gold has been a popular choice of investment. For several generations, it was even the preferred medium of exchange. Gold was money, and for great reasons: durability, scarcity, and malleability. Its intrinsic value has also seen it survive many global economic recessions (1975, 1982, 1991, and 2009).  For comparison, fiat currencies have depreciated […]

AurusSILVER Becomes the First Silver-backed Token to Be Listed on an Exchange

London, April 23, 2021 —  Aurus reinforces its status in both the precious metal and cryptocurrency industries by becoming the first company to list a silver-backed token on a cryptocurrency exchange. AurusSILVER is now available on CEX.IO,one of the most reputable European exchanges.  Aurus, a FinTech company that offers a blockchain-based tokenization solution to the precious metals industry, has announced the […]

Aurus Brings the DeFi Revolution to Precious Metals

Trading app Robinhood positions itself as democratising finance for all. However, the centralised nature of the platform- where one party holds the ultimate decision-making power, is in direct conflict with this mission. Just ask the Redditors of the WallStreetBets community. As they discovered in January, traders have zero control over how the exchange is managed. […]

Aurus Announces the listing of AurusGOLD and AurusDeFi on CEX.IO Exchange

One of the oldest European cryptocurrency exchanges, CEX.IO, has listed AWG and AWX, a gold-backed and its revenue-sharing token – reinforcing Aurus’ status in the global precious metals market United Kingdom, March 30 2021 – 1PM Central European Time Aurus, a fintech company that offers a blockchain-based tokenization solution to the precious metals market, and […]

Aurus: A Token of Hope for Silver Investors

Recently, one of the biggest events in the financial markets involved the settling of a huge score between Wall Street giants and Redditors. It began with a stock called GameStop, where the Reddit community came together to bet against the institutions by coordinating a massive short squeeze on the popular trading platform called Robinhood. They […]

Los chilenos podrán tener su oro digital con tecnología Blockchain

Los amantes del Oro en Chile podrán tener su versión digital gracias a una alianza entre una empresa local y una fintech basada en tecnología Blockchain. 1 gramo de oro será la representación de cada token que la compañía chilena Aurica Metales se propone ofrecer al mercado, mediante la tokenización del metal precioso respaldado por oro físico. De acuerdo a […]

Oro digital llega a Chile de la mano de Aurica Metales y la británica Aurus Technologies

El producto que ofrecerán es oro tokenizado en blockchain, en el que cada token equivale a un gramo de oro y su precio es cercano al spot. Ya no hay que enterrar cofres para mantener el oro a salvo, ni siquiera necesitaría ir a la bóveda de una banco, ahora el oro es digital y […]

Tokenized Gold on the Blockchain Arrives to Chile and Latin America

UK-based Aurus Technologies Ltd. Partners with Chilean Gold Broker to Offer Digital Gold in Latin America Aurica Metales is the first gold broker in Latin America to offer digital tokens backed by physical gold. The Chilean distributor has partnered with UK fintech Aurus Technologies Ltd. to begin commercializing a new digital product that facilitates gold ownership, […]

Aurus Disrupts the Gold Industry? Today Its Ecosystem Lists at a Value of $75m

With the US dollar facing headwinds, notably the coronavirus pandemic and an upcoming presidential election that could be among the most contentious in recent memory, gold has taken over as the preferred store of value for many investors. The price of the yellow metal has soared by more than 30% this year and recently surpassed […]

CBX & Aurus – Ask Me Anything!

Watch it here:

WhiteBIT & Aurus – Ask Me Anything!

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WhiteBIT Exchange Lists AurusGOLD – New AWG:USD Trading Pair Available

About AurusGOLD (AWG)  Aurus is an inclusive ecosystem that the entire traditional gold industry can benefit from. The company’s open-end protocol enables esteemed gold market players to independently tokenize their own gold-backed token known as AurusGOLD. Each token is backed by and redeemable for one gram of 99.99% LMBA-accredited gold, stored in fully insured and […]

Decrypting AWX: Your Ticket to Investing in the Aurus Ecosystem

Gold has long since been a safe asset for investors over the past millennia. With the introduction of digital currencies, it only made sense that crypto developers would look for ways to come up with gold-backed tokens. Aurus is a UK fintech company that is looking to replicate the gold market digitally. By offering the tokenization […]

Aurus: making gold as easy as money

When money is spoken of as being as old as human civilisation, we’re really talking about gold. Ever since man discovered gold, it has been used as money in one form or another. From ancient Egyptians, the Romans and the Aztecs, to the present day, the fact that gold has intrinsic value was never up […]

Game Changer: AurusGOLD Creates Token TRULY Tied To Gold – Making Gold Instantly Transmittable & Spendable!

There’s never been such a powerful combination of trust backing an asset like this before: The 5000+ year history of gold and it’s status as a globally traded high-value asset, and the unquestionable transaction records of a blockchain powered ledger. But two challenges need to be resolved before anything ‘backed by gold’ could be considered […]

Aurus Reaches Important Milestone as It Unveils Stablecoin Supported POS Terminals

Aurus Technologies, the company behind the premier decentralized gold-backed token launches point-of-sale devices to handle stablecoin payments and direct settlements of merchants without the need for PSP’s (middlemen). This effort comes hot on the heels of the company’s recent announcement of the launch of their blockchain based debit card in partnership with Cyclebit– trusted chip-to-chain […]

Towards A Global Currency

Across many lands, central banks are exploring or studying the feasibility of launching central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). It has dawned on many experts in the field of central banking that the blockchain and cryptocurrencies are inevitable innovations. Privately issued Bitcoin has already demonstrated that digital currencies or cryptocurrencies have a place in today’s financial […]

Gold-backed Cryptocurrency As The Panacea To Global Currency Volatility — What’s New?

Our forebears were not entirely wrong- their instincts were on point when they introduced Gold and silver as a universally accepted choice of money to displace the problematic barter system. Indeed money is as old as human civilization. We’ve now come so far as to have agreed on major identifying marks of money namely: Medium […]

London Startup Aurus Launches Gold-Backed Crypto Token, Possibly Opening The Gold Market To New Investors

The idea that crypto coins can be used for everyday goods and services is not a reality, yet. Stablecoins offer the potential for crypto to be used as day-to-day payments because their value is pegged to an underlying asset, where price stability is more consistent. Still, the middleman sitting in-between buyer and seller exists to exchange digital […] – Aurus

Novembers DigitalGoldMag issue on AurusGOLD. Featuring an exclusive interview with Managing Director, Guido Van Stijn.

Why Aurus is the Most Sustainable Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency

For a long time, gold was money. Right up until the gold standard was abandoned for a fiat monetary system just 50 years ago. It didn’t take long for the flaws of intrinsically valueless money to become apparent. History has demonstrated time and time again that a currency subject to inflation isn’t sustainable. A reliable […]

Aurus Protocol Receives Positive Regulatory Ruling to Launch on October 15th

After a summer of soaring gold prices it’s been rather quiet in the gold-backed token space but we are ready to share some excitement! As launching a product that’s fully regulatory compliant has been the number one priority from day one, Aurus has gone through multiple efforts to make sure our product would be legally […]

A gold token that aims to restore confidence in currency

A UK based startup, Aurus, recently began a phased rollout of a crypto token that ultimately aims to restore a genuine gold backed currency standard, some 50 years after this was discontinued. Working with players in the gold industry, Aurus made the initial move when some 5 000 grams of the precious metal was on boarded […]

Aurus to Modernize the Cross-Border Payment Market

The need for cross-border payments are becoming increasingly more important as the world is rapidly globalizing. The cross-border payment market has grown to be a US$22 trillion market, fueled by increasing international commerce, migration and changing economic trends. Today’s modern societies expect cross-border payments which are frictionless, secure, transparent, cost-effective and fast. Unfortunately, financial technologies […]

Aurus at Dubai Precious Metals Conference 2019

On April 10, 2019, Aurus attended the DMCC precious metals conference which took place in Dubai, the city of gold. The event presented many networking opportunities for Aurus as it was attended by some of the largest names in the precious metals industry.

Aurus Networking in London

Two of our team members recently came back from networking at the 2019 London Blockchain Week. Over the course of a few days, many valuable discussions took place with potential integration partners, digital exchanges, gold providers, and institutional custodial services.

Where AurusGOLD fits in the world of asset-backed tokens

The term, asset-backed token (ABT) speaks for itself, it’s where the storage, value, and management of an asset is transferred and represented by digital tokens on the blockchain. The tokenization of an asset doesn’t affect the physical asset itself, it changes the way ownership and transfer of value of that asset is managed. ABT’s are […]

Ending the Year of Volatility to Begin 2019 with Stability

There’s a lot that happened in the blockchain industry looking back on last year, one of the most notable events being the cryptocurrency battle with the brutal bear market.

5 Ways in which Blockchain can Change the Way Gold is Traded

With the emergence of blockchain technology, buying, selling and trading gold is about to become more efficient than ever. Gold is leaving behind its long and self-destructive paper-based trading past and embarking on a new digital relationship powered by blockchain.

Can Blockchain Bring Gold into the Digital Age?

Throughout the ages, gold has been associated with wealth, prestige and power and has long been considered a prized asset for investors around the world. The numbers don’t lie — approximately $5.9 trillion of gold are traded every year, an amount that dwarves the value of the DOW Jones Industrial Complex and S&P 500 combined.

The Price of Fairness

A couple of months ago, I embarked upon a journey that the world is not familiar with, yet. After all this time, I feel it’s finally ready to be revealed.