Aurus in the Press

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Aurus protocol receives positive regulatory ruling to launch on October 15th

After a summer of soaring gold prices it’s been rather quiet in the gold-backed token space but we are ready to share some excitement! As launching a product that’s fully regulatory compliant has been the number one priority from day one, Aurus has gone through multiple efforts to make sure our product would be legally […]

Aurus to modernize the cross-border payments market

The need for cross-border payments are becoming increasingly more important as the world is rapidly globalizing. The cross-border payment market has grown to be a US$22 trillion market, fueled by increasing international commerce, migration and changing economic trends. Today’s modern societies expect cross-border payments which are frictionless, secure, transparent, cost-effective and fast. Unfortunately, financial technologies […]

Aurus at Dubai Precious Metals Conferene 2019

On April 10, 2019, Aurus attended the DMCC precious metals conference which took place in Dubai, the city of gold. The event presented many networking opportunities for Aurus as it was attended by some of the largest names in the precious metals industry.

AURUS Networking in London

Two of our team members recently came back from networking at the 2019 London Blockchain Week. Over the course of a few days, many valuable discussions took place with potential integration partners, digital exchanges, gold providers, and institutional custodial services.

Ending the year of volatility to begin 2019 with stability

There’s a lot that happened in the blockchain industry looking back on last year, one of the most notable events being the cryptocurrency battle with the brutal bear market.

5 ways in which blockchain can change the way gold is traded

With the emergence of blockchain technology, buying, selling and trading gold is about to become more efficient than ever. Gold is leaving behind its long and self-destructive paper-based trading past and embarking on a new digital relationship powered by blockchain.

Can Blockchain Bring Gold into the Digital Age?

Throughout the ages, gold has been associated with wealth, prestige and power and has long been considered a prized asset for investors around the world. The numbers don’t lie — approximately $5.9 trillion of gold are traded every year, an amount that dwarves the value of the DOW Jones Industrial Complex and S&P 500 combined.

The price of fairness

A couple of months ago, I embarked upon a journey that the world is not familiar with, yet. After all this time, I feel it’s finally ready to be revealed.