Spot Gold/Oz $
AWG: $
Gold vaulted:
Daily volume: $

In order to use AWG, the simplest method is to use MetaMask.

1. Install MetaMask

Install MetaMask extension for your browser by visiting

Follow the tutorial on how to install the extension.

2. Configure MetaMask

Once MetaMask is install, create a new wallet or import your wallet.

3. Add Token

Inside your MetaMask extension, please the Add Token button under the left menu.

4. Configure AWG as Custom Token

Add AWG as a custom token in MetaMask using the following parameters:

Token Contract Address:


Token Symbol:


Decimals of Precision:


5. View AWG Balance

You can now view your AWG balance by selecting the token in the left menu of your MetaMask extension.

From here you can start sending AWG to other users or to exchange wallets