Spot Gold/Oz $
AWG: $
Gold vaulted: gr.
Daily volume: $

The Aurus App

The Aurus App links to your AurusGOLD Card seamlessly. Once downloaded, simplytap the card and NFC technology will enable you to check your balance and manageyour AWG. From holding to transfers, all with rock-solid security you can trust.

Download the Aurus wallet app:
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Unlocking the power of gold

Today you can use the App to:

  • Check the validity of the cards
  • Check the AWG funds available in your card
  • Receive AWG tokens from other sources
  • Extract/transfer AWG tokens
  • Refer a friend and earn € 10.-

Great updates are coming

The App will be updated shortly to allow:

  • In app purchases of gold
  • A gold accumulation plan
  • Partner perks